Did you know that 17.2 million Brits plan to switch to online shopping permanently following the pandemic?

The world of online shopping has become more competitive than ever before, meaning you might be wondering what it is you should be selling…

In this blog we’ll be taking you through a selection of the most popular e-commerce niches right now.

E-commerce landscape in 2021

It goes without saying the COVID-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on the world and many of our everyday behaviours, including the way we shop.

The closure of many physical stores as well as the desire to social distance, means that many people have turned to online shopping over more traditional methods.

Because of this, industries that have previously struggled to break into e-commerce are now seeing evidence of growth and this trend looks to continue for the foreseeable future!

With this in mind, let’s dig into the best e-commerce niches at the moment.

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Technology and Home Office

2020 was the year for working from home but the ‘flexible working’ trend doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon…

A report in February this year suggests that half of the UK are currently working from home and two days a week at home is the most commonly expected working pattern post-COVID.

This shift in the way we work means it’s a great time to get into the home office equipment niche, as people are investing in technology and office accessories more than ever before.

You may choose to focus on technology such as laptops, keyboards, webcams, mice and monitors. Or you could look at offering other non-technological office essentials such as chairs, desks and stationary.

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Home Gym and Fitness

Gyms have been closed around many countries in the world for some time. And whilst they look to be opening again soon in the UK, some fitness enthusiasts still feel that attending the gym in person is too risky.

Due to this, working-out at home has never been more popular and the home fitness equipment market has boomed amid the pandemic!

The e-commerce options here could include home gym equipment such as treadmills and spin bikes, or could be focussed on the smaller accessories such as resistance bands, dumbbells, gym wear or even nutritional supplements and snacks.



British consumers spent a record £9bn on entertainment products last year, making entertainment one of the most profitable niches in e-commerce currently.

In the UK alone sales of popular games such as Monopoly and Cluedo soared by 240% in an effort to alleviate lockdown boredom and keep children entertained with the closure of schools and extracurricular activities.

Outdoor swings, play sets, building toys such as Lego and educational toys have also been doing particularly well!

The craft industry has also boomed during the recent lockdown with adults and children using it as an opportunity to get creative.

Hobbycraft, whose bestsellers include a giant set of 1,000 craft pieces for £6 and soap-making kits for £15, said there had been “exceptional levels of customer demand” during lockdown as customers confined to their homes looked to find their inner craftsperson.

The options for selling crafts and games are really endless and have never been more popular than they are today.


DIY and Home Improvement

Britain has always been a nation of DIY enthusiasts and this has stayed true in recent years with the national pandemic.

Last year £22bn was spent in the UK alone on home improvements and the DIY giant Screwifx saw e-commerce sales soar above typical expectations.

Growing online sales appears to be a key priority for this niche and it’s expected investments in services such as click and collect will continue to pay off not only during Covid-19 but also post-pandemic.

Options here could include gardening tools and furniture, home renovation materials, lighting, home accessories and furniture.



These are just some of the e-commerce niches performing remarkably well at the moment and whilst it can be hard to predict exactly what life will look like post-COVID 19 we believe these won’t change too drastically in the near future!

Whatever niche you ultimately choose, take your time to study the market and understand your target audience beforehand.

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