Losing motivation or direction in anything you do is a pain but in our industry especially it can disrupt everything from deadlines to expectations. It’s the last thing any creative wants whether that be someone who is designing a website or someone who has to write content for a blog; it might not be the easiest thing to overcome but by following a few helpful steps, you might just be able to reduce the time spent being unproductive.


1. Distance yourself from your desk: If you work from your desk on a daily basis then you are restricting yourself from gaining new ideas. You will become bored of the environment you’re in so whenever possible move somewhere else. That’s not saying relocate the entire office, maybe just work a couple of hours in your local coffee shop to see if you can come up with new ideas in a different atmosphere.

2. Go for a walk: Now, if you’ve done the above step and find yourself sat in the local coffee shop with your laptop open and you still haven’t got a clue what to do then maybe you should just have a break. Go for a walk and totally forget about the work you’ve got to do, you might walk past something that inspires you and your work.

3. Sleep: If you’re coming to work and you’re faced with creative block as soon as you start then the problem might not lie with the work or the workplace. You need to make sure you’re getting enough sleep in order for you to remain consistent and creative every single day. You might find that having a good nights sleep may lead to a very productive day.

4. Sketch it out: Being a designer and hitting a wall when it comes to creativity can be a real pain but having a draw might help. Literally sketch/draw anything on paper and then once you’ve done that you can string your ideas together and it might form what you’re looking for when it comes to designing.

5. Ask questions: If you’re writing and you hit a brick wall then you might want to ask some questions- the same goes for designing. Stop and ask yourself the following… Who’s the audience? What do they want? What’s the best way to give it to them? Only then will you gain a new found direction which will allow you to overcome your creative block.

6. Do something else: Have you thought about the fact that you’re losing direction because you’ve done a lot of the same thing? If you write all day every day then you should expect to hit a bump in the road every now and then so have a go at something else. If you design, do some writing. If you’re a writer then do some designing or image editing.

In conclusion, creative block is going to happen and whilst you need to accept that you should also do everything you can to prevent it from being a weekly or even daily occurrence.