Web design is always changing so it’s so important that you keep your website up to date and ensure it is being regularly monitored for any errors.

Doing this will be a huge benefit for you and your business and sometimes it’s good to give your website a bit of a makeover. The five points below give 5 things to consider in order to make sure your website is working efficiently:

1. Doesn’t work on mobile:

With more and more people using their mobiles and tablets to access the internet, there’s an even bigger need for websites to be compatible across the board. It’s all about keeping in mind what the customer wants, which is ease. If your website isn’t user friendly then they are more likely to look elsewhere. If you have this issue and your website isn’t responsive for mobile devices then it’s something you need to change.

2. Search Engine Ranks are low:


If your SEO is out of date or the links you’re using are broken, it’s going to really effect the amount of traffic going to your site.. Keeping up to date links and tracking the right rankings is important in making you stand out against competitors; it makes you look better.

3. Loading time:

If a page takes between more than 10 seconds to load then your audience will lose patience and go elsewhere, which will probably be to your competitors. If your website is running slow then it might mean that you need to update the software.

4. Looks outdated:

Within seconds people make a judgement about your website. If it’s not up to scratch and looks like a bit of a mess then they’ll have no problem in exiting the site. Therefore a modern and consistent looking webpage is key to keeping your audience engaged . Having a look at design trends will ensure you keep up with what people want to see; it’s important to have your own brand identity but you need to maintain a fresh and trendy design.

5. Branding:


If you have invested in your business in the form of stationery and business cards then you need to make sure the design for those are in line with the design of your website. Prospectus clients might have your new business card and decide to visit your site, if your site is outdated then they might be a bit apprehensive about working with you.  Consistency is important throughout your entire brand if you lose that consistency then you can come across as unprofessional.