We help you discover what your future should be through collaborative, strategic thinking and brand building. We facilitate your conversations and challenge your status quo to produce powerful outcomes.

What are our discovery workshops?

They’re tailored to the requirements of your project. We’ve designed a portfolio of structured activities that enable you and your team to have a voice and influence over the outcomes of the project. The activities are designed to be practical, encourage opinion and outcomes.

Facilitated by members of our team , it’s our mission to extract the answers to specific questions to help us understand your business, your marketplace, your audience groups and their needs. We then use this data to help you form a strong brand and digital proposition that resonates with each audience persona as well as establishing the goals of your business.

During the workshop we collaborate with you to formalise key customer journeys and outcomes along with how your data flows throughout the business. We also collectively establish the website sitemap and content hierarchy. A combination of our expertise and your market knowledge is the driver of positive outcomes for the project.

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How long are discovery workshops and who attends?

Depending on the project, we may host multiple workshops. It depends on the complexity and requirements of the project. Our more standard workshops run for half a day and are packed with engaging activities that gives us the insight that we need.

A minimum of 3 and maximum of 12 people are required to attend our workshops. This is to ensure that we get varying opinions around each aspect of the workshop to create a healthy conversation and – at times – debate.

To ensure a lively workshop, we recommend that varying stakeholders from different areas of the business are present. This gives us another layer of information that may not be possible to extract with just a marketing team present. We want to understand your entire business.

Why choose OB体育手机版 to facilitate strategic thinking?

We have been facilitating strategic thinking in our discovery workshops for 5+ years. We have hosted small SME projects right through to large corporates, membership organisations and top 50 law firms where we have hosted 16 strategic workshops with each area of the business. Needless to say, we know how to create an inspired, creative environment for you and your teams to work ‘on’ the business/project rather that ‘in’ it.

After every workshop, participants feel energised, inspired and excited about the project and the business. Your opinion and views are highly valuable in shaping a successful partnership.

Following the discovery workshop, we will then work on a findings and strategy document that not only captures the day but also communicates our recommendations for your strategy and the next steps.

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If we don’t talk, how can we understand?

It’s a simple concept but is part of our brand purpose ‘Making Digital Human’. We want to get to know you, your business and your customers. You are about to embark on a journey of change and we need to fully understand where you are now, where you want to go and what success looks like to you. Then we can create a strategy to get you there.


Before we start tackling the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ we need to understand the ‘why’. Without a strong brand purpose that customers can connect with, a digital product or digital campaign is just that; a product or a message. Our brand workshop enables us to facilitate creative, practical and strategic thinking to help us get a clear picture of what your brand exists to do – beyond your product and service; the greater purpose. We will help you discover and communicate a narrative that inspires and connects with your internal and external audiences.

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Audience personas

A fundamental component of marketing is establishing and understanding who your customers are, what their motivations are and why they buy off you. How do you know what to create if you don’t know who you are creating it for?

Despite this, so many businesses and organisations either do not have defined audience (customer) personas or are operating with outdated ones.

We help you unlock the detail of your audience personas so that you can tailor your strategy towards each group of people. It allows you to be targeted with messaging, tactics and application as each customer journey may require a different approach.

We can also help you go deeper with this insight utilising bespoke research, focus groups and surveys as well as national customer databases to segment your data.

Business strategy

We will facilitate strategic thinking to establish your business objectives and roadmap for the future. This insight then carries into other areas of our discovery workshop to influence our collective thinking. If we know what the overarching purpose, objectives and vision are we can utilise our expertise to help you achieve them and even accelerate the timescale through tactical marketing and a robust digital ecosystem that revolves around your customers’ needs as well as the business’.


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