Some people might say that if you “hear the bang”, you’ll “see the spark” – see what we did there? And we suppose that those people would be right.

Because that’s what happened recently when we handed out some new merch to our lovely team . The bang was the “drop” of cool bits and bobs, and the “spark” was their smiley faces.

But it was about a lot more than that.


We have a new one. We will tell you more about it soon, but for now, it’s all about making life easy. Making life easy for our clients . Making life easy for their customers. And making life easy for us. And the brand represents that proposition. So then does our new tees, hoodies, water-bottles, tote bag, and notebooks. 

What do you think?

Every time we now don one of these tees, or throw one of the tote bags over our shoulder, we will be reminded of OB体育手机版 . What it stands for and what it does for others. Other people will also start to see our brand more – hopefully meaning it becomes even more ingrained into the local digital community. Failing that, they serve the Netflix-and-chill-vibe very well.


There is a real sense of togetherness in the agency. It’s great to see. And it now seems even more obvious because of these items. Has our team been brought together even more through clothing? Probably not. Have they been brought together by feeling (and looking) more like a team? Probably, yes. And how lovely is that?

But this is very important. Many agencies say that they’re a “family”. We prefer “team”. The former can often become too personal, where the latter encourages people to play in their right positions, to come together to win. And this “kit” just encourages this even further.

Just look at them 😍😍


This is tough to get right. But so important. And there are facts to prove why – and it’s basically comes down to one thing. The better you get at on-boarding, the better you’ll get at keeping your talented team together.

And this sort of merch helps. It instantly introduces new members of your team to the brand . To the togetherness of the agency. And to the proposition of making life easier for everyone involved.

And who doesn’t love a good old “chilly bottle” to share on their social media or to show their loved ones?

Please note, there is a LOT more to on-boarding and we’d be happy to show you exactly how we do this if you’re super-talented and want to join a lovely agency that not only hands out hoodies, but also does some cool work.

Because of Wednesdays.

Yes, you guessed it. We built out our entire brand* around the fact that some of the team love the film “Mean Girls”. And you know what that means:

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!!**

So everything we got in black, we also got in pink.

*We didn’t.

** We don’t.

So, there we are. 

We got some lovely bits of merchandise. Oh and it was from the awesome Alex Smith at Printable Promotions if you’re asking. Check them out here.

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