OB体育手机版 was founded by Rob in 2005. We were based in a small office on a farm in Lichfield primarily producing graphic design for small businesses and Property CGIs.

Websites and ‘digital’ was a  relatively ‘new thing’ for SMEs back then. Something the larger businesses had along with early adopters of eCommerce. For this reason, we were still mostly producing offline marketing material.

2008 changed everything

The downturn in the property market in 2008 meant the demand for property CGIs was limited and so we focussed our efforts on the design side of the business whilst also moving into website design and development.

From here on in, we focussed our services on web design and development along with graphic design and branding.

Larger office space

As we grew to a team of 6 people, we needed to move to a larger office. We decided to stay on the farm in Lichfield as it was pretty cool place to work (in the sticks) – particularly in the summer.

Move to Brum

In 2016 after a period of growth, we relocated to the bright lights of Birmingham as we felt there was more opportunity to grow the business in a larger city – also, most of our clients were in and around Birmingham at that point. We found a great office space on John Bright Street. It was a bit rough and ready but in the middle of an area full of energy.

Shortly after relocating we experienced a period of growth and the team increased from 6 to 18 people in the space of 12 months.

OB体育手机版 & Blake7

OB体育手机版 and social media agency Blake7 merge. Rob and PJ met networking at ‘The Blues’ and developed a friendship as well as a common interest in business and growing an agency. Blake7 was also growing and so we decided to merge the two businesses to accelerate growth and diversify OB体育手机版’s service offering.

Further growth drives move

Having out-grown the office at John Bright Street, we set about finding a property that would facilitate our further growth ambitions.  A space that we could be proud of and would allow our team and clients to effectively collaborate.

We embarked on a fit out project which was ideal as we could shape the space as we liked.