We’ve all been there… when you have 1001 things to do and then realise you have neglected social media for days.

It can be overwhelming to say the least.

We’re told time and time again that social media should have at least some level of priority, and yet sometimes it feels like simply too much !

So, this is where we come in with ‘The busy man’s guide to social media management’.

This is your game plan when you only have 10 minutes to spare. Your bare minimum yet effective strategy if you will.

And in the spirit of the topic, we’ll keep it short and sweet.

Let’s proceed:

  • Prioritise Your Channels
  • Thought Showers
  • Merge Accounts
  • Scheduling Days
  • Go Mobile

Prioritise Your Channels

I’ll start by saying this: Utilising all social channels will probably mean that you’ll spread yourself too thin.

I say ‘ probably ’ because those monster, fully established companies will have a massive team on hand to get away with it.

But for the majority of us, the focus is going to be around Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter (maybe not all of those either!).

First things first, you need to consider your business – if it’s highly visual then Instagram will be your friend, but if it’s not you’ll likely be focused on the other channels.

Either way, prioritise a select few channels and do them well .

Worlds Most Used Social Media Platforms Graph

Thought Showers

This really comes down to having a plan.

At the beginning of a month, take a seat and map out the sorts of content that you want to post.

For bonus points, check out your insights on socials from the month before to see which posts did best and which got the most engagement.

Have a look at what other people are doing by searching for hashtags, and don’t be afraid to steal a few ideas here and there (as long as you put your own spin on them!).

Start by mapping out the main areas you want to post about, and then branch off in every single which way you can think of!

I’ll promise you’ll thank yourself for this later.

drawing of light bulb with scrunched up yellow paper as light

Merge Accounts

Wouldn’t it be a dream if we can have all of our account notifications in one place?

Well, behold Hootsuite .

Hootsuite allows you to manage direct messages, brand mentions, new followers, and other notifications for ALL your social media accounts.

You can also have multiple team members on Hootsuite with you, and can assign them any questions your followers have asked you, if you feel they’d be better suited to answer them.

Hootsuite also notifies you when you have gained new followers. This is super important so you can interact with them and begin building a relationship.

Without question, Hootsuite is the place to be!

screenshot of Hootsuite tab on computer showing social media channels

Scheduling Days

AKA one super boring day per month where you schedule ALL your social media posts.

There are plenty of apps and websites out there that will make this easy for you, such as Facebook Business Suite, Loomly and Buffer.

These websites allow you to schedule your posts for a specific time and day of the month, and some help you figure out which times of day your followers are most active.

Posting at the right times is going to be key to maximizing your engagement – so once you’ve found out what they are, schedule them in!

The nice thing after that, is that you can forget all about posting for a while!

Pro tip : During this time, plan ahead for the following month!

screenshot of buffer website showing social media scheduling

Go Mobile

Commuting to work on the train?

Waiting for a meeting to start?

Waiting for your coffee to brew?

These are all times you can take advantage of a couple of free minutes to check social media on your phone.

Even if it means you just reply to one message here and there, those little things add up.

Business man texting on mobile phone

In summary, managing social media is as hard as you want to make it.

You can go above and beyond to take it to the next level, or you can do what you can whilst you prioritise other things to keep your business thriving!

The choice is yours, just make sure you make it easy for yourself with these tips and tricks above!

We’d love to help you with your social media management too! Let’s have a chat !