Today (Tuesday 21st April 2015) Google released their latest ‘mobile friendly’ algorithm update dubbed ‘Mobilegeddon’. At practically every networking event and meeting I have attended in the last 2 months, this has been a hot topic amongst business owners. The update may take a little time to it’s full effect but it’s expected to  affect a large percentage of mobile search queries.

Why has Google released this algorithm update?

It’s no secret that mobile browsing has overtaken desktop browsing. As more people use their smartphones to browse websites, Google has made this update to provide users with the most relevant search results whether the information is on mobile-friendly web pages or in a mobile app. This has always been their objective to search users and so it makes complete sense that they would release this update.

What does the ‘mobile friendly’ algorithm mean to website owners?

Quite understandably website owners are full questions however as with any algorithm update it’s very difficult to truly know the effects on search results until the algorithm has been live for a period of time. However, some information has been released as follows:

Only Organic Search Results will be affected

The update will only affect the 10 blue links (organic listings). Google Places listings, Google image search and News will not be affected.

The update is bigger than the Penguin and Panda updates.

The ‘mobile friendly’ update will be bigger than either Penguin (3% of queries affected) or Panda (12% of queries affected).

So what can website owners do if they do not currently have a ‘mobile ready’ or ‘mobile optimised’ website?

Firstly run your website through Googles mobile friendly test . This will determine whether your site is ‘mobile ready’ in Googles eyes.

Secondly, don’t panic it isn’t too late. If your website is not ‘mobile friendly’ you can start work now and benefit from the algorithm update when the new website is launched.

If you would like to discuss updating your website to make it mobile ready in line with Google’s requirements give OB体育手机版 a call on 0121 227 447 or email us on info@lightboxcomms.co.uk