On the 19th January, Google’s web performance engineer Ilya Grigorik announced that the infinitely successful tech company plan to introduce a new compression algorithm (Brotli), to replace the currently in use Zopfli compression system. Whilst many in the online stratosphere are extremely excited about this impending change, it may not be so obvious to everyone what all of the fuss is about. Hopefully, OB体育手机版 can help clarify the potential benefits to you and your business of something named after Swiss bakery products (Brotli means small bread in Swiss German Apparently).

Websites 26% faster!?

One of the biggest claims of the new system – Brotli – is that it can help websites to load up to 26% faster. This is done with various different compression techniques. In short, this means processing your fonts, images, javascript files and html into smaller, minimal information required formats, before loading these compressed versions. These compressed versions of files are being hailed as a whole new data format, allowing for minimisation ratios of up to 26% higher when compared to the old algorithm, Zopfli. With potentially huge benefits, it is no wonder why other browser vendors are set to jump on board, with Mozilla Firefox being the first major web browser organisation to show its hand.

Mobile Users to feel the boost

By far one of the most noticeable performance increase will come via mobile devices, with google Chrome’s reduced compression sizes to allow better space utilisation (on a mobile device’s memory), which when coupled with the aforementioned faster page loads, will result in reduced battery use and lower mobile data usage.

Great, so my website will automatically load faster?

Whilst this may slightly ring true in one sense, to get the full benefit of these new algorithms, your website needs to be developed and configured/hosted in a certain way. These include assets such as images and fonts to be saved in certain formats, your website to be loaded via https instead of plain http and a variety of other configuration tweaks. At OB体育手机版 we utilise the latest web storage and hosting formats to ensure maximum performance and optimisation on the web, so you can be sure that whatever the advancement in web technologies or loading techniques, your website will always receive the maximum performance benefit from these changes.
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