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Google penalty recovery that makes life easy

Google Penalties occur when your site does not follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Some penalties are simply a result of updates in the algorithm, whereas others are in response to black-hat SEO tactics (that you might now even know you are doing).

The whole point of these penalties is to promote high-quality, relevant content on search engines. However, this can have negative repercussions on your unsuspecting business. Once you receive a penalty, your website will struggle to show up on search engines and rank for keywords – which can have a detrimental affect on your business.

That’s where OB体育手机版 comes in: we ensure that your website complies with any changes in the algorithm as well as ensuring that your content is providing quality information for your consumers (without keyword stuffing, data issues, duplicate content or corrupted links).

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In most cases, a lot of people are unaware that they have been using black hat SEO tactics which is why most turn to an SEO agency for help. Some SEO agencies still use black hat techniques today which isn’t advised as most penalties hit hard. Below are some ways in which your website could be penalised:

  • Unnatural links (spammy, or paid links)
  • Thin poor quality content
  • “Black Hat” SEO shortcuts

How do I know if my website has been hit by a Google Penalty?

In some cases, it is not always obvious to tell whether you’ve been hit by a Google Penalty with Google updates and fluctuations happening all the time. Google is like the police of the internet, they want the good websites praised and the bad websites out. There is no way of blind eyeing Google one way or another you will get found. Google crawls websites constantly weeding out the websites that are using black hat techniques.

This is where keeping an organised record of your web traffic, conversions and engagement is important as it is much easier to see any changes. At OB体育手机版, we provide up to date reports to ensure consistent growth and also identify if you have been penalised by Google – and how to fix it.

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If your site has a bounce rate of more than 50% (average time users spend on your site is less than 30 seconds), your site could be penalised.

SEO Expert

Only 5% of penalised websites submit a reconsideration request every month.


Google updates their algorithm roughly 500 times a year.


Why Choose OB体育手机版 Digital?

OB体育手机版 Digital has a wide range of digital specialists with a strong understanding of search engine algorithms and content creation. Our SEO experts will ensure that your website is back up and ranking on Google, increasing the visibility of your brand.

We create tangible SEO strategies that deliver strong ROI, leading to happy clients, happy search engines, and happy consumers.


What are the most common changes faced in website with a Google Penalty?

The main effects of a penalised website are what most people want out of SEO, but the complete opposite result:

A sudden drop in traffic
Loss of keywords which were well ranked
De-listing unindexed from Google ( website doesn’t rank for its own name)

How does a Google Penalty affect your business?

With Google being one of the most popular search platforms with Google having 86.02% of market share, loss in ranking could be a huge loss for your business. Especially in this digital day and age where most businesses rely on the internet for sales this could really be a ‘be all or end all’ situation. If you think that your website is undergoing black hat SEO or may need improving to avoid any penalties then get in touch with our SEO specialists today who will perform a technical SEO audit to see where you are at.

How do we remove your Google Penalty?

OB体育手机版 offers a specialist Google penalty removal service run by the SEO experts with many years of experience behind them. Over the years we have worked with many sites to avoid these Google penalties by practising ethical SEO techniques and improving the performance of the website naturally and organically.

We first start by performing a full technical SEO audit to find the underlying issues. Once found we then reverse the effect of the penalty by fixing the issues by removing any spam where necessary and padding out content, removing duplicates and the rest. Once the underlying problem has been resolved then we simply ask for a Google penalty reconsideration, which is essentially a plea for forgiveness and asking Google to reconsider. Once the penalty has been removed then it is the case of finding your ground to run on. Like any SEO work, an average it takes 3 to 6 months to see any major changes to the site.

Why Choose OB体育手机版 Digital for your Technical Audit?

At OB体育手机版, we have experienced SEO specialists who can take on any SEO challenge big or small, we are the strategic thinkers that have helped clients of all sizes dominate the digital realm with first page results, we can get your business seen across search engines. We create and implement tangible SEO strategies that deliver ROI. Partner with OB体育手机版 and increase your digital enquiries, brand visibility and revenues through SEO.

Everything you need to know to successfully hire and agency.

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