Traditional marketing has been around for a long time, and it includes everything from TV and radio to flyers and billboards. Traditional marketing is and will always be effective, why else would McDonald’s still be advertising on billboards everywhere? As advantageous as traditional marketing is, digital marketing is really putting up a fight. Millennials and Generation Z are a population that will only grow, and since they are so tech-reliant, they don�t respond to traditional marketing strategies as well as older generations have.

The launch of Google in 1998 practically created the SEO industry , and although digital marketing has been around since the early �90s, the introduction of the search engine supergiant has shaped the industry in recent years. Understanding how to reach consumers through search engine marketing is essential.

The question is, can you reach more people through traditional or digital marketing?


Digital Marketing

According to ‘seotribunal’, Google receives over 5.6 billion searches per day and with over 2.7 billion people using Facebook , Instagram, Whatsapp, and Messenger every month, the digital world really is a marketers playground. Both of those stats indicate that there is an abundance of people just waiting to be targeted through digital marketing.

You have to ask yourself, is relying on the luck of someone seeing your advertisement on a billboard enough for you? Because it certainly isn�t enough for us, someone picking up a flyer to then throw it away is not only a lost conversion, it’s a waste of your budget. There is so much exposure to be had online, and most of the time it’s inexpensive or free!

The amount of targeting options on digital platforms gives marketers the opportunity to zero in on their target audience, selecting interests, demographics and behaviours.


Digital marketing wins hands down in terms of cost too, Facebook has the lowest CPM (cost per thousand impressions) in advertising, which means that no matter how much a company has to spend on marketing, they will always be able to get in front of their customers by employing digital marketing techniques. When done correctly, overtaking a large competitor can be done through digital marketing. The boundaries of traditional marketing do not apply here and although there may be more competition online, you will still be appearing in front of your customers.

Traditional marketing, on the other hand, relies heavily on location-based and demographic data. Digital marketing supersedes its traditional counterpart when it comes to targeting, marketers study their audience and digital marketing allows them to appeal to their most profitable types of customers exactly when and where they need to.

Traditional Marketing

The statistics may be impressive for digital marketing, and the web seems perfect for targeting your ideal audience. But traditional marketing is a great way to expose your brand to new customers or target locals in particular.

When it comes to engagement, traditional and digital marketing work in symbiosis, billboard advertising can reach up to 87% of people in the surrounding area and on average 26% of people who see billboard advertising visit a brands website as a result of it. Now that is an impressive click-through rate.


Traditional and digital marketing complement each other. You may have a hugely successful traditional marketing campaign, but employing digital marketing efforts like Pay Per Click , can boost your growth even more.

Taking a multi-channel approach can help a business to flourish, the convenience of traditional marketing such as flyers and the accessibility of digital marketing work in harmony together, operating inclusively.

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