If like me, you’ve watched a little bit of television over the past few weeks, you will have certainly seen Booking Dot Com’s TV advert ‘ You Got It Booking Right’ – a great example of clever copy, if I ever did hear some!

A clever play on words and genius advertising (in my opinion) for the online holiday accommodation provider.

A lover of words, metaphors, alliteration and everything else in the figuritive language (remember those English exams?) this advert sums up everything a holiday booker thinks of when they arrive at their chosen holiday destination; excitement, anticipation but also fear and that dreaded question – Did I get it BOOKING right?

With marketing activities forever pushing the boundaries and either making or breaking the ‘internet’ through hashtagging and posting on popular social media channels – it’s never been more important to get your marketing campaigns right. Branding and messaging are key, so you make sure you get it #bookingright.

To view the TV advert click here .