After another busy month at OB体育手机版, it was time to get together to present our monthly Boxer of the Month award. Each month every member of the team nominates one of their peers to win the boxer of the month award based on our core values, their contribution to the agency and how they have helped the team and the clients.

Having not long joined the OB体育手机版 team, our Boxer of the Month for October has made big impact in the agency hitting the ground running and producing great work whilst bringing new ideas to our approach. We’re delighted to announce that our Boxer of the Month for October was SEO/PPC specialist, Gemma! Gemma brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to OB体育手机版 in the SEO/PPC team. Not only has she already delivered impressive results for clients, but she has contributed to client meetings and producing research for new proposals.

The team’s rationale behind voting for Gemma included:

“Gemma has a wealth of knowledge and has applied it to all of the clients that she has been working with. She has also been very approachable and helpful if I have needed any SEO assistance.”.

“Gemma has been getting her head stuck in and getting stuff done. Hasn’t had too much trouble and hasn’t really needed any help from the devs in particular so she must know what she’s doing.”

“Gemma has been so impressive since she started. She knowledgable and confident in what she is doing and has got some great results for clients”.

Aside from her impressive work, Gemma is a genuine, lovely and helpful person to have in the team. She always thinks about others and consistently contributes to the overall operations of the office. Congratulations Gemma!