Boxer of the month celebrates the achievements of a OB体育手机版 team member voted by their peers. After 2+ successful years, and a desire to always improve, we felt that the format needed a revamp – an evolution.

Previous events were hosted at OB体育手机版 HQ with food, drinks, music and pool. Whilst it was great to get everyone together and celebrate someone’s achievements, it’s time to get out and about and do different things. So we proposed a new format to the team and asked for their feedback. The new format is as follows.

  • OB体育手机版 commits a monthly budget for the winner to propose x3 ideas/activities for the next month’s Boxer of the Month event.
  • Individual team members then vote for which activity they would like to do at the next Boxer of the Month event.
  • The activity with the most votes is booked.

A huge success!

September’s Boxer of the Month Adam selected three ideas for October’s event. Lane 7 at the Cube, Birmingham won the votes. A few of the team had been before and were saying great things so we arrived with high expectations. The night didn’t disappoint!