“Work for an agency”, they said, “You’ll have a ball”, they said. Well, as a matter of fact, I have. What a rollercoaster ride it’s been, the last couple of years. From starting out as a trainee reporter at the Express & Star, to now Senior Account Manager starting a brand new, exciting chapter in my career at OB体育手机版. And I can’t wait to get started!

Agency life is as fast paced as any job I’ve known, and I always joke you have to be a really good juggler to work in one. Outrageous requests and a mountain of work come in thick and fast, and the majority of times you have to accept a comment such as “it’s fine” from a client on a piece of work as a huge compliment. Trust me, that’s what it means!

So what will I be doing?! I hear you all eagerly ask and wait in anticipation. For something very new to me, I’ll now be managing a number of web and SEO projects, and getting stuck in with the team to establish clear, concise, client communications (any chance of any more c’s or what?).

Not only that, but the many strings to my Black Country bow will also see me creating a PR element to OB体育手机版 ; promoting from within and through our clients. What should we be promoting, what should we be writing about, recording, vlogging, blogging? Well the answer, simply, is all of it. And regularly.

OB体育手机版 as an agency has so much to offer, and we need to be shouting about it as much as we can. So I suppose that’s my job, in a nutshell! They say every day in an agency is different, and so far my early OB体育手机版 career has proven this true. Whether it’s sitting down with the Dev or SEO team to get to grips with their account activity, or meeting with my new clients and establishing the start of what is going to be a fruitful working relationship, the days are flying and I’ve already learnt a huge amount in my short time here. So, I wonder how much I can achieve this year? Let’s see what 2020 brings!