One thing that isn’t going to be making the headlines, but of course is very important to all of us is health and safety when working from home.

Is it exciting? Questionable. Is it necessary? Absolutely. Are you adhering to it? Well if you’re not, our office manager Sharon is going to have something to say about it!

Remote Working Advice

In light of last week’s Covid-19 government advice to work from home if it’s not essential for you to travel, Sharon was quick to prepare for the team. Here she briefly breaks down what needed to be done and how we’ve been working so far!

“Well, the OB体育手机版 team are certainly in the routine of remote working and are comfortable and safe. The first thing I undertook was a home working risk assessment with everyone, where I asked questions about their workstations, work areas, electrical safety and their fire escapes.

I am delighted that everyone has built a permanent workspace and it’s lovely to see flowers and plants around their work area or on their desks. Everyone is sticking to a routine, getting up at the normal time, showering and importantly getting dressed. It’s very easy to keep your pyjamas on! This sets up everyone for the day ahead (mentally and physically).

We strongly encourage five-minute breaks every hour to stretch the legs and have a rest from the screen. Not only that, but everyone is (and should be) taking lunch breaks away from the designated work stations, turning off notifications from internal communication tools, and even going on a short walk around the block or taking the dog for a walk. I think the country has realised how important it is to get some fresh air, and how much everyone now misses the freedom of having it!

We are all constantly checking in with each other, whether it be for meetings or just to see how everyone is. It can get lonely working at home, not having your work colleagues around you and missing the office banter, but we are all constantly communicating as a team for video meetings and in our WhatsApp Group. In these hard times, you need to keep smiling and sharing a few laughs along the way to keep everyone upbeat and motivated. And I can assure you, at OB体育手机版 that is definitely happening!”

Stay safe everyone. Get in touch with OB体育手机版 today for further information and advice.