Build a digital brand, engage your audiences and drive them to your website by partnering with OB体育手机版 for social media marketing and management services.


Your business now:

Irregular posting on your Social Media channels.

Posting content that isn’t getting any engagement.

Having no visibility of what content is working for you.


Your business with OB体育手机版:

Engaging creative backed by a strong strategy to engage your customers.

Posting varied content that tells a compelling story for your brand, products and services.

Able to make informed, data driven marketing decisions.

Compelling content to keep your brand connected to your customers.


Social Media marketing that makes life easy

Social media gives you a platform to speak directly with your existing (and prospective) customers. Consistency and creativity is the key to success.

That’s where we come in. Our social media marketing and management services make your life easy. We’ll post on your behalf, capturing your brand’s tone and personality through creative content delivered through a variety of medias. As we do that, we’ll also roll out a bespoke social media strategy to grow your presence and reach a wider audience.

Our in house team of creative content writers, designers videographers and animators bring your brand and products to life to drive customers to your website and purchase or enquire.

Do you want to stay connected to your customers through Social Media?

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It all starts with a social media marketing audit

We kick things off by auditing your existing social media setup. Looking at your channels, your target audience, and your competitors, we’ll develop a strategy to help you make the most of (and grow) your social media presence. We may even suggest that you close or pause the accounts that aren’t right for your audience to focus time and resources on the ones that are working well.

Following the audit, our team of social media specialists will create a social posting schedule designed to put eyeballs on your brand and drive traffic to your website.

And once we’re in the swing of posting regularly, we’ll ramp things up a notch. By strategically targeting key users and influencers in your space, we’ll build an engaged audience ready to hang on your every word.

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Social Media reporting

Organic social media growth can be challenging and takes time (depending on your business sector). Sometimes, you need to pay-to-play. Social media advertising can help you add a little rocket fuel to your growth, boosting engagement and increasing web traffic with the right paid messages delivered at the right time.

Find out more about our paid social services.

We can also provide one-off social media campaigns to help you leverage an upcoming promotional event, product launch, holiday, or commercial tie-in.

And whether we’re driving things organically, using paid strategies, or a mix of both, you’ll receive a comprehensive monthly report detailing the effects your social media profiles are having on your business — and your bottom line. Your account manager will talk you through the report so that you understand what is working and the plans for the future.

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Facebook remains the most-used platform by marketers worldwide (93%). Instagram sits in second place (78%).

Sprout Social

TikTok saw the largest increase in planned new platform investment for brands in 2022 (84%) versus YouTube (66%) and Instagram (64%).

Sprout Social

85% of marketers rank short-form videos as the most effective type of social media content in 2021.



What is ‘Organic’ Social Media

‘Organic Social Media’ is posting content onto your businesses social media channels (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, etc) regularly without any ‘paid budget’ behind that content. Done correctly, this keeps your customers and wider audience engaged with your brand, products and services. Organic Social Media content only reaches audiences that already follow your social media accounts (unless someone shares, comments on or likes a post). Therefore, we recommend that if you are looking to truly grow your social media reach and audience, you need to couple an organic social media strategy with Paid Social Media campaigns .

Why is Organic Social Media content important to your business?

Having a well thought out organic Social Media strategy allows you to tactically stay connected to your customers through compelling content. The beauty about organic Social Media content is it allows you to have some fun and showcase the personality of your brand and the people behind it. Organic content should be story led and let your audience in – not just shout about your products or services. Organic social is also for the off the cuff posts captured in the moment. Don’t forget to mix it up with a blend of imagery, video and animation and remember, have some fun!

How quickly will I see results from Organic Social Media activity?

The answer to this question largely depends on your brand, products and services. Some businesses/sectors are perfect for generating a reasonably quick return on organic social media activity. Others, it’s more of a long game. The key to success is to establish the correct social media channels to focus on for your business – where your customers are – and do it well. To catch the attention of your customers, organic content needs to be either well thought out with good design or, off the cuff but really shows your brands personality. An organic Social Media content strategy should be part of what your business does not necessarily viewed as ‘cost’ but more an investment into your customers and keeping you in front of them. Results tend to be a by-product of consistent effort and quality rather than a ‘flash in the pan’ few posts.

Why choose OB体育手机版 as your Social Media partner

We have an integrated team of social media specialists, creative designers, content writers and videographers that collaborate to tell your stories, bring your brand to life and build connections with your customers. We’re not just about creating things that look good though. We take time to understand what your business and commercial objectives are so we can align a social media strategy to achieve them and deliver tangible results. We like to build strong relationships with our partners through regular communication and meetings to discuss data in reports, new ideas, the future and anything else whilst we are at it.

271% increase in digital enquiries

271% increase in digital enquiries

130 website leads generated in 1 month for Antser

130 website leads generated in 1 month for Antser