Not every site needs an FAQ page, it’s all down to what you are offering. If you are selling a product or service then it’s always best to provide your customers with a page dedicated to answering those common questions (lets be honest, you probably hear the same questions about 10 times a day so why not?). There are many benefits as to why you should have this extra page on your site and here are just a few of those:

  1. Time. If you run a business then you will know how valuable time is.. there simply isn’t enough time to answer the same questions every day. So what better way to save time, then by putting all of those frequently asked questions into a single page on your website?
  2. By having an FAQ page, you are essentially putting your customer first… you are thinking about them by giving them the information they want, before they even think about asking it! You’re providing great customer service and because of that there’s less opportunity for future refunds or headache… all because of one extra page.
  3. Everyone loves an FAQ page. Search engines love them because by providing an abundance of information in an interesting way, whilst also getting all of your key words in will sure enough boost you to the top of Google (as long as you’re doing it the right way). Visitors love them because they don’t want to be force sold something, they want the information first and your FAQ page will give them that. Your customer service team will love you because they can now spend their time dealing with other important questions rather than explaining your refund policy all day long (so long as you include that on the FAQ page).
  4. An FAQ page also allows you to reiterate how amazing your business is, along with all the key selling points. If you put a load of positives about your business in the FAQ then you can easily win over your customers, ultimately resulting in them putting trust in you and your brand .

So now you have the benefits of having an FAQ page, you might want to know some quick fire top tips on what to consider when setting one up; after all you want to take full advantage of this element of your site. Make sure you think about what you are asking/answering, ask genuine questions and provide relevant answers to them.

It might not be a priority to you but by organising the layout of the questions then you are helping your customer out- label different types of questions so people can easily navigate around. Finally, make it easy to read!

You don’t want to create an FAQ page to be called up and asked the same questions do you?

Well make sure the answers are clear and direct. If you follow all these points then you’ll be on to a winner!