Operating an e-business can be tough and many mistakes are made along the way. The website is what is often faced with the most problems which is quite an issue… considering it is the face of the entire business. There are many complications and problems that e-businesses face, the following post will outline the 5 that take priority…

NotChecking Broken Links

There’s nothing worse than a visitor landing on a 404 page. Chances are, they will end up leaving your site because of the fact you’ve made it that little bit harder for them to get what they wanted. Customers want ease. You should still create a 404 error page just in case an error happens but don’t make it a standard for your site.

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Outdated Info

If you are failing to update your site regularly then you are losing trust. If you were to visit a site that had dated content, would you honestly buy into the brand? That’s because you don’t know how reliable the business is. If they can’t update their site on a regular basis, can they really offer an amazing product or service?!

Contact Details

A problem that many websites face is the lack of relevant and key information, such as the contact information. Some businesses often forget the important text, as they focus more on the visuals of the website. The most important feature to have on your website is somewhere for your visitors to see how they can contact you; whilst having a section or page titled ‘Contact Us’ would be better, it’s just important to get that info on your site somewhere.

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Opening Internal Links In New Windows

This might of been considered ‘cool’ in the very beginnings of web design but unfortunately it’s now not. Especially when managing an e-business, you should refrain from opting into this feature as it will complicate the site experience for your visitor. Like previously mentioned, your visitors want ease which means no complication.

Trying To Save Money

The cheapest option may sound great to you, however it doesn’t translate well for your site visitors. Whilst it is acceptable to look for the greatest deal for your website design, it’s also important to note that nothing comes free and often in every circumstance.. you get what you pay for. If you’re an e-business then your website is everything so make sure you maximise the budget for this department… in the long run, the investment should become well worth it.