How many times have you been told that “ engagement is king ” on Instagram?

Without being dramatic, it’s pretty much the holy grail for social media marketers.

Social media posts with more active and thoughtful interactions, ultimately get more reach, and the more people you’re able to reach, the better for your business.

To put it simply, engagement rate it’s the sum of each post’s likes and comments, divided by the number of followers that you have.

Written as an equation, it looks like this:


Pretty simple, right!

So let’s jump into the real juicy stuff…

Why is engagement rate so important?

Over the last few years, organic reach has dropped massively across all social media platforms.

Engagement, or “ meaningful engagement ” to be more precise, is the thing that keeps successful accounts afloat.

Why it’s like this simply comes down to the fact that social media said so. And now, it’s exactly what your viewers are expecting from you.

In this day and age, social media is the number one choice for customer care and responding to customer complaints.

It’s also where customers look to build relationships – which offers you, as a brand, a huge opportunity to be able to directly communicate with your audience, encompass your brand personality , and also learn directly from those you’re looking to target as to how you can improve their experience.


What does a good engagement rate look like?

Keep in mind that there are all sorts of individual factors that contribute to this, so there is no universally ‘one size fits all’ perfect engagement rate.

On Instagram, between 1-3% is the average, with the median across all industries being 1.22%.


Research also suggests that the highest engagement rates come through video content, over and above still images.

How do I boost engagement?

  1. Use all of Instagram’s features

Put yourself in the shoes of Instagram – you’ve created all these fantastic tools and you want people to use them right?

To put it simply… they like you for it , and they want to encourage you to use it by supporting the profiles that do.

Long gone are the days where we simply post a photo and be done with it – carousels, videos, IGTV’s, reels, stories, polls, highlights, shopping, ads, EVERYTHING!

Be sure to use Instagram Analytics to keep tabs on which content is performing the best, and how you can perhaps tailor your content towards your audience demographics and app usage data.


2. Post often, but just enough

It can be oh so tempting to post a whole bunch of content if you had it all backlogged, especially if you know it’s going to perform well!

Before you get too excited, remember that you can’t expect to post all the time and still get the same reach . Likewise, you can’t just post once a fortnight and expect anyone to pay attention.

Striking the balance is key.

Generally with Instagram feed posts we’d suggest posting once every one or two days . This doesn’t mean you can’t add to your stories and interact with other accounts in the meantime!

Pro Tip: If you have a post that is performing especially well and is still gaining traction when you’re due to post again, leave it a little longer to keep the momentum on that particular post going. Posting again will likely cut it off.


3. Post at the right times

This is another time where Instagram Analytics comes in super handy – here it will tell you the exact times of day on each day of the week where your users are most active.

Posting in these time frames will generally improve your chances of your content being seen.

The Instagram algorithm responds positively to posts that get quick engagement i.e. if your audience engages early with your content.

Once more, there are now a whole range of platforms that you can use to schedule this content in, without having to remember exactly when those peak times are!

Sprout social , HubSpot , Buffer and Later are some great options.


4. Try new things!

Try and put yourself in the shoes of your viewer – what do they want to see?

Maybe it’s some behind the scenes footage of your business, a tutorial or demonstration your audience can save, or a contest that they can get involved in!

Letting employees take over Instagram stories for the day is a great way to introduce your followers to some BTS, and also engage your employees from a business perspective.



5. Invest in an influencer

Influencers and experts in your industry can be a great way to expand your network.

Not only will you generate engagement on your own channel by working with them, but you’ll also access all those people who respect that individual.

Once more, if that person shares the content on their own page, you’ll get a double whammy worth of engagement!

This is worth doing for engagement , and also from the perspective of associating yourself with an individual who may also boost your reputation through association.


6. Listen often

Social media is a two way street.

People aren’t interested in just seeing you post content, they also want you to connect and see you build relationships within the community.

Finding meaningful ways to communicate is key, therefore it helps to listen to what your users are saying!

Be sure to monitor comments and conversations, respond to direct messages, and even put up regular polls and Q&A’s on your story to see how your followers really feel.

This way you can tailor content to suit these individuals, truly understand what they think of your brand, and know what they really care about.

Find out more about our favourite social listening tools here.



Hopefully we’ve convinced you that engagement is justtttt a little bit important on social media!

All of these hacks mentioned above are actually super simple to incorporate into your marketing strategy – so why not get started!

If you’d like any more advice, please do get in touch with our social media experts!

Happy Instagramming!