Facebook advertising is one of the most effective tools out there to grow your business. 

But did you know that there’s certain techniques you can use to boost your sales online?!

In this blog we’ll be looking at a couple things you can do using Facebook ads to maximise your profits fast!

Choose convert

First things first, if you want to generate lots of sales using Facebook Ads it’s important to choose the right objective. 

Many people opt to use the ‘traffic’ objective to send as many people to their website as possible. However, if it’s sales you’re after, you’re better off using the ‘conversion’ objective. 

When you choose the conversion objective you need to also choose your conversion event. Here is where you’ll want to select ‘purchases’ endless you’re a service business, in which case you’ll choose ‘leads’. 

Tip: Don’t forget to make sure that a ‘purchase’ or ‘lead’ is set up correctly with the Facebook pixel in Events Manager first!


Create red hot custom audiences

It’s worth knowing that there are different types of audiences you can target on facebook (ranging from cold to super hot) and the hottest audiences (who know your business best) will be the easiest to sell to! 

The best way to target these super hot people is by creating a custom audience…

Click ‘create new audience’ and ‘custom audience’ then choose ‘website’ as the source,  and leave it as ‘all website visitors in the last 180 days’ (HOT audience).  Or after choosing the source ‘website’, select ‘purchase’ or ‘lead’ from your events and leave the retention as 180 days to target your previous customers (SUPER HOT). 

Bear in mind, whilst Super Hot Audiences usually deliver the highest return on ad spend they will also be much smaller than your Hot Audiences – so you may want to stick to targeting website visitors for a while if your previous customers group is very small!

Chilli Peppers

Give an incentive but act quick!

It’s all well and good choosing the conversion objective and retargeting to the right people but if you really want your ads to sell you need to provide some kind of incentive that makes them click.

Advertising an irresistible offer or discount is a great way to do this.

In fact, research shows that an amazing deal is one of the key things that will cause a consumer to switch brands!

However, don’t stop there – boost this technique 10x by creating a sense of urgency

When people are presented with an offer that they can still access next week, or in a months’ time, they’ll put it off and shop around. So don’t give them that option and encourage them to act quickly! 

You could do this with a tempting flash sale or a significant discount code available for a limited time only… But don’t forget to make it super obvious by mentioning available stock or using urgency evoking phrases (Hurry, Last chance, Today Only, Don’t miss out, Offer expires…) 

It sounds simple but even CAPITALISING your message can help to grab a user’s attention!!

Clock counting down

Land on a good note

When you’re presenting an awesome offer to a customer it’s crucial that your landing page messaging also matches the offer. 

Don’t let your website let you down after creating the perfect ad campaign – use a banner at the top of your website page that reiterates the offer to make it super easy and clear to the customer! 

Create a perfect call to action that tells the customer exactly what you want them to do using strong verbs like ‘Shop Now!’. 

Finally, few things up the pressure like a race against the clock! Add a countdown timer on your landing page to increase the feeling of urgency and initiate that sale! 

50% off missguided landing page


Facebook Ads have been around for a while but if you feel that they haven’t been delivering you those fast results that you’re after, try using these tips to change that for good! 

For more paid social media advice get in touch with a member of our team!