As the BIGGEST social network with the largest number of users, it’s no surprise that there’s so much competition on Facebook to stand out! 

Social media marketers are often left scratching their heads asking the questions ‘How can I make sure my posts don’t get lost?’ and ‘How can I make my ad stand out?’.

One of the best ways to answer this is by looking at what’s worked before, which is why we are going to run through 5 of our favourite Facebook campaigns here…

GoPro Million Dollar Challenge

GoPro is living proof that social media competitions aren’t going anywhere soon. 

To promote their HERO9 Black camera the brand launched its third annual Million Dollar Challenge. The huge contest invited GoPro fans around the world to share their best, raw, unedited GoPro footage with the winners receiving an equal cut of $1,000,000. 

Shown on their Facebook page with over 10.9 million likes it’s a no brainer that this challenge produced awesome results for GoPro…

Within 80 days, more than 29,000 people from 125 countries had submitted their HERO9 Black video clips. 

Ultimately, the brand compiled 56 of these submissions into a 2 minute long highlight video showing “what it means to be part of the #GoProFamily.” Then they published the final cut on Facebook and the video now has over 667,000 views and counting!

Name Lab (Breaking Bad)

Everyone knows what a huge success Breaking Bad was and the Marketing team behind the hit TV show are no exception. 

In the show’s final series, Breaking Bad created a Facebook app that allowed fans to enter their names and have them transformed into personalised graphics using the icons of the chemical elements (just like the show’s logo). 

You can guess it, people loved it.

The idea worked brilliantly- earning over 4.1 million impressions and creating names for over 800,000 people .

‘Buds for Buds’

Imagine being able to buy your mate a beer via social media – well that’s exactly what Budweiser accomplished in this campaign! 

Using Facebook Ads, Budweiser cleverly targeted people with friends in Denver and Chicago, allowing them to send their friend a redeemable receipt to use at a local bar. 

This amazing campaign resulted in 23 millions impressions on social media and a huge boost of 3x the number of bar sales from consumers who spent more than the value of the first beer when redeeming their coupon! 


‘Straight Outta’

This award-winning campaign started with more than 100 celebrity influencers jumping on board, but the popularity of this campaign was driven by an app created for everyday people to make their own custom memes to share on Facebook. 

The idea was to spread awareness around the upcoming Straight Outta Compton film by allowing them to ‘rep their own city’. Users would show the world where they’re from by uploading their own photo and filling in the blank after “Straight Outta ____.”

The app was a great success at engaging fans and in less than 24 hours after the campaign launched #StraightOutta became the number one trending topic on Facebook & Instagram.

In total, the app received 11.7 million visits , with 7.2 million unique visitors , 8 .3 million downloads and 10M+ shares in total.

We love this campaign as it’s a genius example of how a simple meme generator can quickly be catapulted into a viral social trend with the right timing & audience!

Embracing the silence of the newsfeed (Hotels.com)

Like a lot of brands, Hotels.com uses Facebook to reach consumers. But unlike a lot of brands, Hotels.com used the fact that ads auto-play silently to their advantage. 

For many this reality poses a challenge to consumer engagement, but Hotels.com found a fun way to break through this ‘wall of silence’ and actually improve consumer engagement!

Using their mascot ‘Captain Obvious’ to acknowledge the obvious fact that ads auto-play silently, they created “silent ads” that rewarded users for sticking around and engaging with the ads. 

The campaign delivered more than 5 million views in the first 3 weeks and thousands of shares and comments .

Specifically, the Silent Facebook Ads generated 5x the average level of consumer engagement for Hotels.com and led to millions more impressions for the brand! 


Running Facebook campaigns might be a bit more complicated than it used to be, but the tactics outlined above are a great starting example for brands of all shapes and sizes.

Don’t forget, if you’d like any more help or advice with your social campaigns, please get in touch for a chat!