SEO and CRO both work for the optimisation of a website to perform successfully. Most people think that they can do one or the other, but that would be missing a trick. Employing both SEO and CRO gives you a huge advantage in that you are optimising your website for both an increase in traffic and an increase in conversions.

What is SEO?

SEO means search engine optimisation . It is the process of employing tactics, techniques and tasks to be carried out, all of which work together to make the website optimised for keyword rankings and organic traffic. SEO takes patience and time, whilst many people want instant results, we always recommend at least 3 months before you start to see a significant movement on your website.

SEO consists of many strategies and techniques including keyword research, content writing, localised optimisation, link building and technical fixes. There is much more to it than meets the eye and SEO is something that should be crafted and nurtured over time. It provides long term benefit to the website rather than short term, unlike PPC ads for example. It is important that websites of any size take advantage of SEO if they want to rank for valuable keywords and attract a healthy volume of organic traffic through.

What is CRO?

CRO means conversion rate optimisation . Whilst it sounds similar to SEO, it is actually a different ball game altogether. Conversion rate optimisation generally comes after search engine optimisation as it is the process of converting website visitors into customers, or users who take any desired action on a web page.

CRO can be implemented in many different ways such as a content delivery network, call to action buttons, page structure, A/B testing and image optimisation. It also requires lots of data and measurement to see what is working and what needs to be improved. The basic calculation for a percentage rate of CRO is total transactions divided by total website visits times 100. To be able to optimise and improve your conversion rate optimisation, taking note of the data is imperative.

How SEO and CRO Work Together

SEO and CRO are two strategies that should be employed together. Put simply, SEO brings in the traffic and CRO makes that traffic convert. Everyone loves an analogy so imagine you go to the shops to buy ingredients for a cake. You bring those ingredients home, and that is SEO. You have brought the goods to where you want them to be. Crafting those ingredients and turning them into a cake is CRO. You have appreciated the visitors on your website and converted them into something even better for everyone. They can enjoy your brand , product or service, and you can enjoy your business success.

Whilst they are different techniques, SEO and CRO sometimes consist of similar strategies. For example, in CRO you would want to optimise your website load speed to encourage users to stay on your website, but this is also a strategy used in SEO. At the same time, both methods demonstrate very different ways of working and connecting with the user, which is why they should both be used in harmony.

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